We wouldn't be here without you

Statsig is built on the foundation of many before us. We use open source libraries and tools to build something that would be of use and value to people like you.

VS Code

We use VS Code and language integrations to write code, debug and test.

React JS

Our management console where you manage Feature Gates, run experiments, and look at data is entirely written in React. A true life saver.

Next JS

Nothing better than Next JS to power our React app. Makes serving and caching React apps a breeze.


Kubernetes manages our web tier. It's how we deploy and scale our web apps while maintaining High Availability.


We manage our network traffic policies through Istio. That's why we are able to make networking changes confidently.


Almost all of our code is written in Typescript, and run on Node.js. Our teams can move fast, thanks to the vast set of libraries.


Express powers this website. Simple, beautiful and fast. 'nuff said.


In-memory caching makes our web apps faster. We chose Redis due to its feature set and ease of maintenance via Sentinel and Cluster.


Our admin console uses Material-UI and it gave us plenty of customizations precisely the way we needed them.

stackoverflow Logo

A special shout out to stackoverflow for the wealth of knowledge that we refer to on an hourly minute by minute basis.

Thank you!

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