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What others say about us

Joel Witten

Joel Witten

Head of Data, Rec Room
“Statsig has been a game changer for how we combine product development and A/B testing. It's made it a breeze to implement experiments with complex targeting logic and feel confident that we're getting back trusted results. It’s the first commercially available A/B testing tool that feels like it was built by people who really get product experimentation.”
Shannon Priem

Shannon Priem

Lead PM, Headspace
“Our experiments are at times nuanced and Statsig has enabled us to quickly understand the impact of the features we ship. This speed to understanding removes the need for guesswork in analyzing the data, and in the end helps us improve our customer's experience faster.”
Josh Houghton

Josh Houghton

Director of Acquisition & Conversion, Made Renovation
“We chose to partner with Statsig because we believed in what their team was building. The Statsig team has been there every step of the way, from implementation to understanding results. They are building something special and we are excited to be apart of the journey!”


Serves everyone in the company



up to 500M exposure events a year

  • Unlimited Feature Gates
    The most powerful feature flags, with all the capabilities
  • Unlimited Seats
    Bring your whole team over
  • Unlimited Environments
    Production, Staging, Development, Testing, and more
  • User, Device & Custom Targeting
    Release features to fine-grained audiences based on user, device or custom properties
  • Staged Rollouts
    Set up a rollout schedule and let the system take over
  • Unlimited Dynamic Configs
    Customize your application with minimal code changes
  • Change Logs, Reverts, Reviews
    Track every change, add reviews, and revert with ease
  • Cross-team Collaboration
    Collaborate with your team on decisions
  • Slack Community Support
    Experience Statsig's legendary technical support



up to 5M events per month

Everything in Feature Management, plus

  • Feature Launch Impact Analysis
    Analyze feature rollouts with Pulse Results
  • Guardrail Metrics
    Ensure none of your feature launches hurts your guardrails
  • Rollout Alerts
    Get notified when things don't work as planned
  • Unlimited Experiments
    Run A/B/n Tests
  • Unlimited Layers
    Create configurable parameters to test & run mutually exclusive experiments
  • Multi-armed Bandit
    Let Statsig pick the winning treatment using the multi-arm bandit algorithm
  • Real-time Query Engine
    Live event analysis with up to 14 day retention
  • Unlimited Holdouts
    Withhold features to measure total cumulative impact
  • Unlimited Insights for Metrics
    Breakdown the impact of all experiments and features on a specific metric
  • Unlimited Custom Metrics
    Create custom metrics using events, in addition to autoderived and imported metrics
  • Data Warehouse Integrations
    Import your metrics and event data from your DW
  • 6 Months Data Retention



Annual, flexible pricing

Everything in Pro, plus

  • Team-level Permissions
    Enforce team-level permissions for reviews and approval flows
  • Organization & Project Management
    Consolidate and manage all projects across your organization
  • Directory-based Authentication
  • Domain Assignment
    Enable authentication flows based on email domains
  • Events Explorer
    Get 60 day retention for your live event analysis
  • Export Data API
    Export your Statsig exposure, events, and results on request
  • Premium Support with Private Slack Channel
    4 business hour response SLA + onboarding sessions
  • Customer Success Manager
    Get a headstart with experts designated to your experimentation outcomes
  • Tailored Integration
    Speak with Statsig engineering to address your unique business needs
  • 12 Months Data Retention
    We can work with you to suit your data retention needs
  • 99.99% Service SLA
    We guarantee 99.99% service uptime with Premium Support


A data powered approach to growth


Transform feature management

Statsig automatically runs an A/B test for each feature gate so you can validate the feature’s impact on customer behavior and application usage. Never again fly blind on how a new feature will perform.


Get end-to-end observability

Statsig gives your a 360° view of your business, from the systems of development to the systems of record. For the first time, you can answer any question about your business, whether it’s about your systems or your users.


Make growth your superpower

Statsig enables you to make growth a fundamental capability of your business. With Statsig, you can 10x the number of experiments you run, and 10x the number of successful features you deliver.

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