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We are on a mission to fundamentally change how software is built, tested and shipped. This isn't just about building a better A/B testing tool; this is about catalyzing a positive change in the culture of teams, orgs, and companies that results in better products!
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About Us

Move fast & help others move fast

When the purpose is clear and the direction is right, there's little that slows us down. Everyone rows in the same direction with zero overhead to build best-in-class product tools, so that others might use our tools to move fast.

At Statsig, we incorporate fun at work - whether it is rallying everyone to go on an impromptu hike, or huddling around for a game of League of Legends, we like our work to be lively and energetic.

Fun At Work

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

At Statsig you will find people that work together and achieve great things. We believe in building a strong culture with a shared set of values which will outlast any product we build.

Our philosophy in hiring is to take the time to make sure we only hire team players - people that can enjoy a good debate and present their point of view but are also open to and willing to entertain others.


In-person office

All our product teams - engineers, PMs, DS, Designers are 100% in-person in our office. Whether it is jamming on a new design, sharing a lunchtime chat, huddling together on pair programming, or just competing on Mariokart, we do it all together. This early in our journey nothing beats being together and solving hard problems.

While this might turn some people away, it's a trade-off we're making now. We might revisit this decision as we grow.

Daily Standup


Our Values

No Sacred Cats

Nothing at Statsig is to be taken for granted. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, you should question it. And if there isn’t a logical and reasonable explanation for it, you are free to change it. “This is how it’s always been” is not a good reason for anything.

Results Over Effort

We value the outcome and impact that comes out of the effort. We intentionally don’t focus on the effort that goes into getting that outcome. At our daily stand-ups, we only talk about what was accomplished and never how much work was done.

Find a Way or Make One

We empower everyone to find a way, any way, to get to the intended destination. If there are roadblocks along the way, we find a workaround or bulldoze through the roadblock. Giving up is terrible, but you know what’s worse? Stagnating.

For Builders By Builders

This one embodies who we are and who we are building Statsig for. We always want to make sure that the product we are shipping resonates with the builders of the world who are just like us. By focusing on the builders and making them more efficient we multiply the value we can create in this world.




Health Insurance

Best-in-class health, dental and vision insurance that is 100% covered for employees, with dependent coverage.


Flex Hours

Flex work hours to be able to optimize commute and take care of errands, children, or just life as it happens.


4-day long weekends

We convert most 3-day weekends to 4-day weekends to maximize those long weekends.


Free Lunch, Dinner & Snacks

Lunch delivered every day with stocked shelves and freezers full of fun snacks selected by employees.


Vacation Days

3-weeks of flex paid time off.


In-office culture

We are a 100% in-person office and it may not be for everyone, but we all love it (including our Pets).
  • Margaret-Ann
    The people here at Statsig are that rare combo of whip-smart, passionate, and really, really fun. I’ve never gotten so much done while laughing so hard.
    Margaret-Ann Seger, Product Manager
  • GB
    My decision to join Statsig after working at a big tech company was based on various factors including the people here.

    In addition to having a lot of fun, I’m constantly growing here by tackling tough problems to solve with some of the smartest people in the industry.
    Geunbae “GB” Lee, Product Design Lead
  • Pierre
    I have learned so much since I joined, and it’s been very energizing getting exposure to true full stack product development - something thats hard to find at big companies where many of the harder problems have been abstracted away.
    Pierre Estephan, Software Engineer


Current Openings

Data Engineer

Bellevue, WA | Data

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