Experimenting with generative AI apps

The Statsig team built a generative AI web app in reactJS using OpenAI’s API and Statsig for experimentation. Here's what we learned:

Joe Zeng and Skye Scofield | March 2023

Make the Jump: Learnings from a 'Big Tech' PM transitioning to startups

If you're considering making the jump from big tech to a startup, it may be the best decision you've ever made. Just make sure to do it right!

Margaret-Ann Seger | March 2023

How Experimentation Landed Permanent Residency at DispatchHealth

Experimentation at DispatchHealth began with a hypothesis based on a gap in our onboarding workflow, but the results were anything but predictable.

Fiona Cummings | March 2023

On-Demand: Modern feature flags: Stress-free releases and automated experimentation

Statsig product manager MA Seger and Engineering Lead Tore Hanssen discuss how feature flags work, best practices for using them, and what makes Statsig’s offering unique.

Morgan Scalzo | February 2023

Less is more: Metric directionality

In Statsig, we make it easy to change the desired direction of any metric. Just click into the overflow menu and look for “Set Metric Directionality.”

Matt Garnes | February 2023

Introducing Free Feature Flags for All

Gating features is a core part of the modern development process. And with Statsig, it's free.

Vijaye Raji | February 2023

Dart Tutorial: A/B Testing in Flutter

The following tutorial builds upon the Startup Name Generator app outlined in the Write your first Flutter app tutorial on Flutter’s codelab.

Daniel Loomb | February 2023

Dynamic Data Development

Dynamic data development allows for modularity of hardcoded values, streamlined config changes, support for arbitrary complexity, and more.

Craig Sexauer | February 2023

Datadog Trigger Integration

It is now possible to leverage Datadog’s real-time monitoring to automatically toggle a feature gate on or off in Statsig. Setup takes 3 easy steps.

Kenny Yi | February 2023

On-Demand: Using experimentation to tackle your big product goals in 2023

Tune in to get an inside look at the importance of scaling and building with experimentation to hit demanding product targets.

Morgan Scalzo | January 2023

Move fast and break things

At Facebook, the company value "move fast and break things" allowed for extreme productivity and output. With the proper guardrails, it is an unbeatable way to operate.

Pierre Estephan | January 2023

Release management best practices

Good release management best practices like putting code behind a software gate allows you to improve the software release cycle further.

Tore Hanssen | January 2023

What is a partial rollout? Quick definition and intro

A partial rollout is the practice of showing a feature to a percentage of users between 0% and 100% so you can see the impact a feature has on a sample of users.

Sami Springman | January 2023

Making Observability a Key Business Driver: Vijaye Raji on The Data Engineering Show

Firebolt kicked off season 2 of their podcast series The Data Engineering Show with a bang by tackling questions with Statsig founder and CEO Vijaye Raji.

John Wilke | January 2023

How to A/B Test a Web Page

A/B and A/B/n testing web pages is an effective and accurate way to determine which design is most impactful.

Jack Virag | January 2023

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